The Jaylor disaster! WAR was never so sweet!

by chelsea on November 21, 2008

in Taylor Swift

Sugary-sweet ex couple Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas are certainly not ending this relationship quietly! The big question on everyone’s mind is: Who is winning the War?

The Battles:

The Break-up: Over the 27 second phone call heard around the world, Joe ended their hot summer romance. a
This round goes to: Joe. Everyone knows the element of surprise is crucial to winning a war!

The first mud slinging: Taylor released a video on her MySpace involving a Joe Jonas doll and a little plastic cell phone. This was the first indicator that she wasn’t going down without a fight. Joe replied by saying that she was the one who ended the phone call in the first place!
This round goes to: Taylor! She came back swinging!

The Battle of the Albums: When the final numbers came out about first week sales for the albums, it was clear that this round was going to: Taylor! She sold more, its simple arithmetic.

So far, it looks like Taylor is winning the war! But nothing is set in stone! I know where I stand! Team Taylor all the way!

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