President Obama to Appear on Mythbusters

by Sara on October 19, 2010

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A device to discourage texting while driving, a self-powered hydroelectric water purification device and a test of whether foam really is the best material to pad the inside of a safety helmet, were all presented at the White House Science Fair. These inventions, assembled by up-and-comers who won a range of science, technology, engineering and math competitions.

“It’s hard to describe just how impressive these young people are,” Obama, who is emphasizing math and science education, said afterward at a reception. Their work “is a testament to the potential that awaits when we inspire young people to take part in the scientific enterprise.” President Obama spent nearly an hour viewing the inventions.

“You know, when you win first place at a science fair, nobody’s rushing the field or dumping Gatorade over your head, But in many ways, our future depends on what happens in those contests, what happens when a young person is engaged in conducting an experiment or writing a piece of software or solving a hard math problem or designing a new gadget,” he said.

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