Miley Cyrus praises Disney Channel for Good Luck, Charlie lesbian couple

by Sara on June 24, 2013

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Former Disney star, Miley Cyrus, is praising the network today.

Cyrus, who raised to fame as Disney’s Hannah Montana several years ago, took to Twitter to thank the network for the recent announcement that they will feature a lesbian couple, on an upcoming episode of Good Luck, Charlie.

“Is this this true?!?!?!” she wrote. “I commend Disney for making this step into the light of this generation. They control…so much of what kids think! Life isn’t bright sets & wardrobe & kids becoming superstars! This is INSPIRING.”

The episode will feature Charlie Duncan heading out for a playdate with a new friend, who’s parents are a lesbian couple.

No word on the official air date of the episode but it will air in the current season of the comedy series.

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muana July 9, 2013 at 8:08 pm

uhhh…next thing you know mickey will go for donald and minnie will go for daisy! this is an outrage! Walt Disney was a devout Christian!

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