Miley Cyrus: John Lennon and a beans commercial

by Sara on July 24, 2009

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Hannah Montana star, Miley Cyrus sat down with the Star Telegram to discuss several items.

On musical influences: I love Coldplay and the Killers and John Lennon, all dudes, because I have a low voice. I do, I like that sound because it is a little more edgy. On instruments: I love playing the drums. I am learning the piano, I am learning the bass & I play the guitar. So I will continue to do more instruments.

Which is harder a TV show or a tour? TV show is a little harder because you are at the same place every day. It is a little more boring. With the touring you get to be somewhere new every day. You never get bored. Physically a tour is hard;
You have to run around, you are tired. Today I only got two hours’ sleep so I am a little tired. You can’t do that on tour, otherwise you will just crash during the show. On her first job in show business:

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What was your first job? My first job was actually a beans commercial. My aunt took me to the audition because my little friend was auditioning and she was taking her. She said ‘You should go, it might be fun.’ I ended up getting it, and my friend didn’t.

Favorite city to perform in: Surprisingly, it is usually the smaller towns that are actually like the craziest because they are not used to having all different kinds of people traveling there. I like smaller towns because the people get like crazy.

If you weren’t in show business what would you do? I would like to be a photographer. And, honestly, I am the worst painter, but if I could be anything I would want to be a painter, but I can’t paint so that X’s that out. I wish I could draw well because I just think it is the coolest. My brother’s roommate is a painter, so that is what I would like to do.

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