LeBron James Returns to Cleveland

by Sara on December 2, 2010

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TNT was salivating at the ratings for tonight’s regular season game against the Miami Heat and the Cleveland Cavs. The return of “The King” brought LeBron James, born and bread in Ohio back to his hometown team, wearing a Miami Heat jersey.

LeBron, who rejected the Cavs offer at the end of last season, backed his bags and headed south to warmer weather and hopefully a better shot at an NBA Championship. He’s been called everything in the book, there isn’t anything that Cavs fans can chant tonight that will hurt more than he hurt last June when he decided to leave Cleveland. Whether you are a fan of basketball or not, there’s a part of all of us that wants the franchise player to remain with “their” team. Yankee fans desperately want to keep the Captain, Derek Jeter, in Pinstripes, can you imagine if Magic Johnson would have put on a Celtics uniform? While I don’t claim to understand LeBron’s reasoning for leaving, I understand the pure desire to be the best and win. I have to respect LeBron’s decision and trust that I am still a “Witness” to one of the greatest basketball players that have even stepped onto the hardwood.

LeBron gave Cleveland 7 years of his life. Maybe if the franchise would have worked as hard as they did on tonight’s promo before the starting line-ups were announced, as surrounding LeBron with star support, maybe he would still be in Cleveland tonight.

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