Heidi Montag Shows off her ‘Pumpkins’

by Sara on October 29, 2010

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Oh…there just isn’t enough time to list all the comments that I can think of for these latest pictures of Heidi Montag-Pratt and husband, Spencer Pratt.

I mean, it is a holiday, so it is a chance for free publicity for the attention-seeking couple. The best picture of the series, the one where Spencer is actually wearing a pumpkin on his head. These two…I swear.

In related Heidi news, the Hollywood Reporter, broke the news lat yesterday that while Heidi was pulling in a cool $65,000 an episode for her work on The Hills, her mom was moonlighting as a cleaning lady, just to pay the bills. Maybe she could have dropped one of those plastic surgery bills and helped her mom out.

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