Glee’s Lea Michele, Diana Agron & Cory Monteith Cover GQ

by Sara on October 20, 2010

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Glee stars, Lea Michele, Diana Agron and Cory Monteith are steaming up the cover of this month’s GQ. The singing stars are pushing the boundaries, both on the show and in these ads. As rating have dropped, slightly, industry experts are wondering has Ryan Murphy taken it too far? Has Glee lost it’s appeal this year?

These NSFW photos hit the internet yesterday, causing quite a stir. Are you still watching Glee? While these three actors are in their mid-twenties and plenty old enough to pose this way, is all this publicity going to rock their core group of viewership?

You can check out the GQ scans here.

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Sharon October 22, 2010 at 6:46 am

I agree that adults who take care of youth definitely must make it a point to talk & clarify values/beliefs. These particular adult actors (the male actor is near 30 years old playing a teen) currently make a living/$$$$ portraying teens battling peer pressure, self-esteem, self-acceptance & discrimination in high school. How naive, disregarding & dismissive are they given their vast fan base are youth that they can profit off the portrayal of young people and be shocked of their contradictory over-the-top sexualized depictions vs. the underdogs GLEE club members! Whether we like it or not, media plays a role in perception, in the case of this magazine cover “GLEE gone WILD” perpetuates that women are objects, it’s ok for males to inappropriately put hands on their bottoms – sexism frankly. Though I like GLEE for the musicality and some of the themes, I’ve lost a lot of respect for these adult actors. What a contradiction from Monteith, who portrays himself as affable & socially conscious: supporting a benefit for a Rape Crisis Treatment Center in LA, encouraging to wear purple on this past Wed, Oct 19, 2010 to raise awareness about LGBT bullying/hate crimes THEN participate by objectifying women on the cover a magazine. He stated he shared the value of “virtue” w/ his GLEE character, Finn. We don’t think so -more like hypocrite & sellout.

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