Emmy Rossum Gets Naked For Showtime

by Hot Mess on June 24, 2010

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Emmy Rossum gets naked for Showtime.  The twenty three year old Phantom of the Opera star will strip to her birthday suit for an upcoming series Shameless, set for the silver screen debut in January.  Rossum will portray Fiona, the eldest of ten children of the Gallagher clan.  The Gallagher family is suffering from the recession and while Fiona’s father (played by William H. Macy) medicates his financial difficulties with alcohol,  Fiona is responsible for raising her younger siblings.

The series is based upon a British series with the same name.   Rossum promises the series will be “really outrageous and funny, the way it’s told and depicted.  Nothing’s taken too seriously.  So even though it’s a hard circumstance, the family has an incredible will to survive.  And there’s a lot of funny naked drunkenness.”  Rossum went on to discuss baring all for the camera as: “It’s new for me, I was really comfortable with [costar] Justin [Chatwith].  He’s kind of like my brother.  Well, I shouldn’t say he’s like my brother.  But we’re comfortable with each other, so it didn’t feel weird.”

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