Charlie Sheen Forcing Family into Conservatorship Role?

by Sara on February 2, 2011

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Everyone knows the drama that actor Charlie Sheen has been involved in and now the in and out of rehab that has the actors family ready to step in. Charlie’s famous father, Martin Sheen is now considering stepping in as Charlie continues to battle drug and alcohol addiction.

A source close to Papa Sheen tells, “that Charlie isn’t rehabbing at home. That term just doesn’t exist. Charlie is calling the shots, he hasn’t surrendered to sobriety, and until that happens, this cycle won’t end. Charlie is absolutely refusing to go to rehab. He is a 45 years old man, and no one can force him to go. That is why his parents are exploring what legal options they have if any to save his life. Charlie looks awful… he is very, very depressed and feels like the world is going against him. Charlie’s parents are discussing getting a conservatorship of their son. Martin and Janet know that it’s highly unlikely their petition would be granted, but they are trying to do whatever possible to save Charlie’s life. Charlie is coughing a lot, and he doesn’t seem to care what he is doing to his body… Charlie truly thinks he is invincible, and that he can do as much drugs as possible with no ramifications.”

Do you think Charlie’s parents should step in? Is there a way to save Charlie at this point?

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