Charisma Carpenter Covers In Touch, Helps Marilyn Manson

by Hot Mess on August 18, 2010

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Charisma Carpenter Covers In Touch, Helps Marilyn Manson

The nearly forty year old Buffy The Vampire Slayer alum recently celebrated her 40th birthday by overindulging, throwing on a bikini for a magazine cover, and helping Marilyn Manson nurse his wounded heart.

Charisma Carpenter was spotted on Saturday, August 14, 2010 in the company of Marilyn Manson and Playboy’s Colleen Shannon.  Carpenter and Shannon helped Manson “recover” from a broken engagement with former fiance of Evan Rachel Wood.

Carpenter conveniently landed at the same restaurant and later the same nightclub as the Beautiful People musician just in time to garner a little press and draw attention to the film The Expendables while in Los Angeles after a promo at Comic-Con.  The attention seeking worked to the advantage of not just Carpenter, but also for women around the world.  Carpenter celebrates her inner cougar and quipped to In Touch: “I want Hollywood and America to know 40 is not old.  As my mom told me, ‘Charisma, welcome to the best decade of your life, because not only do you look as good as you did when you were 23, but you’re so much smarter.’  I’m now better in every way; I’ve had years to hone my craft.  I’m better at acting, I’m a better mom, I’m a better friend.  I’m just a more confident woman.  It’s awesome.”

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